The Aligned Mama Membership 

If you are looking for healing, if you are looking for empowerment, if you are looking for community, well then Mama, you are in the right place!

I'm Oonagh, and my mission to help Mums create a more joyful and empowered Motherhood experience!


'When we view ourselves and our children through an energetic lens we gain a whole new perspective on motherhood.' 

Oonagh Naughton


I discovered that many of the struggles of motherhood (exhaustion, overwhelm, mother rage etc) did not mean that I was flawed and somehow not cut out for motherhood. They were signs that my energy system was out if balance. Once I learned how to balance my energy system (and that of my child) everything changed

My Reason for Creating this Membership 


For a long time I believed I was a terrible mum. I thought I just wasn’t maternal, just not cut out for motherhood, until I started to learn about energy, the laws of the universe and how indeed I create my own reality

While taking responsibility for creating our own reality takes courage ( It means recognizing that we choose our experiences and choose how we respond,) the truth is that taking responsibility for keeping our energy system in balance is really our only job. After that everything else falls into place beautifully

My reason for creating this membership is to bring together a group of women who are ready to choose a more aligned and joyful path. A group of women who are ready to do the inner work and learn the techniques to bring themselves and their children into balance on a daily basis.

I see the aligned mama tribe breaking the cycle of motherhood martyrdom and embracing the joy that is possible when we live an aligned life.


Take a moment to see if this resonates: 


·  You struggle with overwhelm on an almost daily basis

· You experience deep emotions but don’t know how to deal with them while looking after your children

· You worry a lot about your children and feel powerless when they are unwell or unhappy

· You'd love to know how to use natural solutions when your children are sick 

· You feel drawn to energy healing

· You want to enjoy motherhood but right now it’s not much fun

· You want to connect more with your intuition and learn to trust yourself




Inside the membership you will receive


  • Full access to the Aligned Mama Programme (An Energy Healing training programme for mums)
  • Full access to all soothing sessions past & future
  • Regular group calls with Oonagh
  • Community support through a private WhatsApp group
  • Guest Speaker Sessions


You have everything it takes to create an aligned, joyful, empowered motherhood experience. It is my hope that the teachings, the workshops, the connection with like minded mums will support you in finding your way



The Aligned Mama  membership supports you in 3 ways


The Soothing Sessions provide space to bring to conscious awareness that which needs to be healed and with self-compassion an opportunity to let go of all that does not serve you


Being a mum can feel lonely at times but with the support of community, you will never feel the sense of walking alone on this path. This is your safe space for support, sharing and compassion.


You have access to a complete training programme in Energy Healing. You will also be invited to join live teachings with guest speakers in the filed of holistic motherhood.


Pay €33/month or €300/year



· Full Access to the Aligned Mama Training Programme ……….€720

· Regular group calls……… €100

· Free access to Soothing Sessions ……..€25 x 10

· Free access to guest speaker sessions ……….€75 x 10

· Community support in private WhatsApp group……… €25






· You're ready to embrace the Aligned Mama Mindset

· You want to feel connected with your inner guidance

· You want to trust your mother’s intuition no matter what anyone around you says

· You're ready to empower yourself with new tools & techniques for energetic alignment

· You're excited to tap into the joy of motherhood that you’ve seen glimpses of

· You want to have access to natural solutions for healthcare in your home

· You deeply desire to be the best mother you can be and you know that means being in alignment yourself

· You're ready to be a part of the vibrant community of soul-led women to support and inspire you on your transformational journey.


Joy & Pleasure

Oonagh is a very special lady. We are really lucky to have her share her knowledge and gift with us. She has a remarkable presence and radiates wonderful energy that you could listen to her speak all day. She manages to deliver content in a fun realistic way and she is incredibly tuned in with mammies and their needs. She goes above and beyond with this membership. It's very accessible and there is no pressure to complete everything in a certain timeframe but yet there is plenty of support and encouragement to participate when needed. Oonagh also provides the most amazing healing sessions and fabulous guest speakers. It really is such a joy and pleasure to be part of this group. If I manage to incorporate a fraction of her magic into my own home I will be delighted.

Positive Changes

I joined the Aligned Mamas membership just 2 months ago & it has been everything & more. Oonagh really cares about helping Moms learn & grow through her membership programme. She's very engaging & keeps topics relevant, to the point and is there to help along the way. I'm working my way through the different learning modules & loving it and already starting to see some positive changes within our family. There is also a lovely sense of community within the membership & I'm so glad I found Oonagh & Aligned Mamas ❤️

Love the Content

As a mum and a holistic therapist - I absolutely love the content, the video the practical exercise, it's both beneficial to me as a mom that I can do for my children and myself. It is also benefiting me with my own clients. I couldn't recommend this enough it's really well explained and so suitable to newbies to energy therapy who want to help their families but also for therapists to refresh the mind.

As soon as you sign up, you will unlock this phenomenal 5 module training programme 


1. The Aligned Mama Mindset

Learn about the law of attraction and how our thoughts & words affect our lives.

2. Bio Energy Healing

Learn how to use bio energy techniques to help rebalance your child's energy

3. Pendulum Healing

Learn how to use a pendulum to clear shock, balance your child’s energy and to imprint positive emotions.

 4. Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

This is a fantastic tool to help with phobias, anxiety & overwhelm.

5. Essential Oils for Body, Mind & Soul

Learn how to use Essential Oils not only as a natural solution for health issues, emotional support and for energetic clearing.

Plus access Powerful Soothing Sessions

This sessions are powerful energy healing sessions designed especially for mums.  


Release Anxiety, Bring in Peace

Release Anger, Bring in Kindness

Release Grief, Bring in Strength

Release Guilt, Bring in Self Acceptance

Release Shame, Bring in Self Love

Release Struggle, Bring in Ease

Connecting with Mother's Intuition

Self Compassion for Mums

The Aligned Mama Reset


Guest speakers 

Recordings Available inside the membership

  • Human Design & Parenting with Ann-Marie Murray
  • Moon Magic with Nadine Guckian
  • Perinatal Empowerment with Lorraine Lozano
  • Breathwork with Cathy Scanlon
  • Journaling with Sinead Staunton
  • Calm in the Chaos with Rachael Smith
  • EFT & Somatic Practices with Caroline Fitzgerald
  • Going with the Flow of Life with Ciara O Malley 
  • Hand Reflexology withSinĂ©ad Staunton  
  • Connecting with Angels with Debbie Boyle
  • Sound Healing with Simone Meschnig
  • Introduction to Crystals  with Caroline Ryan
  • Tapping for  Mums with Gráinne Lavin 


  • Voice Healing with Simone Meschnig
  • Conscious Parenting  with Deirdre Kennedy
  • Laughter Yoga with Tove Kane 


A Better Version of Yourself

The membership is a great way to really help you grow into a better version of yourself. It helps you to able to have the tools to be there for you, your family and in your everyday dealings with life and with those around you. It is so easy to navigate and you can keep going back through the learnings which I love. Oonagh speaks from the heart and helps you really feel that you are not alone. She has experienced all those feelings Mums have and so she is really passionate about really helping all those Mums out there. She is such a caring, loving person and this really comes through on the membership.

Wonderful Sense of Community

I joined the aligned mamas membership at a very difficult junction in my life when my baby was critically ill and in hospital for 3 months. In such a time of crisis and overwhelm the membership gave me the tools I needed to stay grounded, stay calm and find the strength I needed to keep going. It is an amazing resource and there is wonderful sense of community between all the other like minded mamas. I would highly recommend. 

Far Reaching Benefits

I joined The Aligned Mama Membership to learn how to cope and really I have learned how that I was trying to do too much and that spending time with healing practices is so important and has far reaching benefits for balanced lifestyle and enjoyment of life. So much learning and relaxation too. 


Instant Access to 5 Modules Included

When I began my energy healing journey 12 years ago now, all I kept thinking is EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW THIS!! Energy healing is simple yet powerful and anyone can learn it. It acknowledges that we are so much more than flesh & blood. We are energetic beings. And if we can look after our health in a holistic way, supporting mind, body & spirit we can live very happy healthy lives.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the already loaded modules in the membership.

Module 1
The Aligned Mama Mindset

Learn how to get in alignment and stay aligned. Learn about the law of attraction and how our thoughts & words affect our lives. Gain tools & techniques to help you connect with your intuition. Connect with the feeling that you are supported and that things are really working out for you. Learn to recognise the guidance and the inspiration available to you. 

Module 2
Bio Energy Healing

Learn about our energy system and how it affects our health & wellbeing. Learn to recognise when your child is out of alignment and how to use bio energy techniques to help rebalance their energy This is wonderful for supporting the body’s immune system but also for emotional balance and overall wellbeing. A lovely gentle energy healing modality that children love.

Module 3
Pendulum Healing

Learn how to use a pendulum to clear shock, balance your child’s energy and to imprint positive emotions such as confidence, self-acceptance, joy & love. This is one of the quickest ways to connect to your intuition and to restore balance.

Module 4
Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to name difficult emotions and to clear with ease. This is a fantastic tool to help with phobias, anxiety & over whelm. ( Great for Mums too!). This is a tool your children can take into adult life with them – a true gift.

Module 5
Essential Oils for Body Mind & Soul

Learn how to use Essential Oils not only as a natural solution for health issues, but also for emotional support and for energetic clearing. Introducing Essential Oils to children means reaching for nature's solutions will become an instinctive part of their self care, all their lives.

Fountain of Information

Since joining the membership I have learned how to do energy healing and dowsing to name but a few that have helped me help my children and other members of my family myself.

Oonagh is so easy to listen to and explains everything so well. She is a fountain of information, and within the membership there is opportunity to learn something new in the monthly zooms.

Loving the Membership

Loving the Aligned Mamas membership, a community of like minded mums gently led by the talented Oonagh. 

I've found great inspiration and guidance from the speakers Oonagh has invited in to share their holistic knowledge. 

It is a little bit of me-time when things get hectic which is greatly appreciated


Transform the Energy of a Family & Home

Oonagh’s membership is special, a safe place for like-minded Mama’s to learn & support each other on our parenting journeys. Simple modalities that can transform the energy of a family & home. Guest speakers & Healing sessions are such a treat! 

Helped me regain my  Confidence

Aligned mama has really supported me when I was feeling low and it has helped me regain my confidence as a natural mama to support my children holistically. It has also been a little haven and a beautiful community for learning. 

A Complete Lifeline

I have learnt so much from this membership. In many ways its been a complete lifeline when I was close to giving up. I can manage stress & anxiety better & Bioenergy itself is a very powerful tool. Dowsing & connecting with the Angels always fills me with new hope & reassurance. My life would be very difficult without this membership